About Us

Our Mission

LeVaniteux stands behind its slogan. 

We want you to be Confident. We want you to believe in yourself, in your power: Fully trusting in your ability to be all you can be and more. 

We want you to be Alluring: Honing in on the attractive qualities you possess, while believing that you are fascinating, charming, beautiful and full. 

We want you to be Unapologetic: Relentless in the pursuit to become the best version of yourself, allowing yourself to fall in love with what you choose, while treating yourself with kindness. The ultimate gift is learning how to nourish your mind, body and spirit with the best things that life has to offer and knowing you absolutely deserve it. 

What We Are About

LeVaniteux is about loving yourself. It is the epitome of authenticity, openness and beauty. 

LeVaniteux is where body butter meets glam and debonair. LeVaniteux was born in a discussion with two close friends that fell in love with all things beauty and continues to grow bountifully from that small seed. 

Skin has always been paramount to our founder. As she began to age gracefully and unapologetically, of course, she was finding that she wanted to move from purchasing manufactured products to products that were made with natural ingredients. As the child of a mother who passed away at the tender age of 40 from breast cancer, and as a woman having her first breast cancer scare at the age of 20, she began to do research on products that would be free of harsh chemicals and parabens, which would increase health issues with time. 

The love of rich fragrance was ingrained in our founder by her father at a young age. Her father is a man of science who taught her that scents represented attraction and set the tone for good hygiene. Smelling good gave her a freedom to express her originality and bask in her love of femininity. 

While conducting loads of research, she stumbled upon shea butter, cocoa butter, rich oils and emollients that would not only make her skin soft but, also, add vitamins and nutrients to her skin; and, that is where LeVaniteux Body Butter was born.  

Our products are meticulously handmade and it is our ultimate goal to ensure that beauty is preserved for as long as possible while using our products that were made with natural ingredients.  And, as you fall in love with our products, we are rooting for you to love the skin you were born in and, most importantly, fall in love with you.

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